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Given that gas prices are affordable again but airfares are high, it's time to take out the camper trailer or RV for vacations and hit the road. That old RV mattresses that came with the camper become soiled, flat, and engrossed in dog hair over the years. Time for you to award your hair a comfortable night's sleep (yes, even though camping) and replace your old RV mattress easily and inexpensively. The expense of a brand new RV mattress may very well be a fraction of a single airfare ticket, and you'll enjoy it to get a decade or maybe more. RV mattresses have become available over the Internet, during custom sizes!

rv mattresses like this one

RV mattresses are necessarily thin for purposes of conserving weight, but that four-inch thick RV mattress could be upgraded with a six-inch mattress with little or no rise in weight or mass with the new products that are presently available throughout the last five to ten years.

New Technology Means a far more Comfortable Sleep

Advances in foam technology mean more loft and plushness in the present thinner RV mattresses than had been possible. New high-density slab foams last longer and provide firmer support. Convoluted (finger) foam offers a springy believe that increases a mattresses' plushness.

Even cotton made a great progress way. The body weight of cotton prohibited it from being included in the content on most RV mattresses before, despite the fact that cotton provided a cooler summer sleep than foam-only products.

Advances in cotton technology translate into lighter-weight products with the same support and sensual, soft feel of cotton. Cotton felt layers often surround the foam layer in RV mattresses for optimal feel and sleeping comfort. Organic cotton batting is today's natural option for mattress fiber fill. Though conventional cotton crops use a bad reputation (from heavy pesticide and insecticide use), organic cotton has become extensively offered by mattress manufacturers.

Another material that is making RV mattresses more at ease is Visco-elastic foam. Visco-elastic foam is best known as polyurethane foam - a product that's irresistible to get a sensual, plush feeling. Foam RV mattresses are available in a 6-inch mattress, with a two-inch polyurethane foam layer atop a four-inch layer of polyurethane foam. That extra 2 " of polyurethane foam makes a world of difference! Memory foam can be available being a 2" RV mattress foam topper, polyurethane foam layers sold independently that lay on surface of your mattress, transforming any camper bed.

Purchasing Custom Sizes in RV Mattresses

Online futon stores specialize in mattresses that are compact and available in unusual sizes. They can easily handle custom orders for non-standard sizes, for example an RV-size twin mattress or perhaps an RV queen mattress that is a short queen-size common in several RV campers. Measure carefully before you begin which means you know exactly the thing you need.

rv mattresses like this one

Look over the mattress offerings from your retail online store and select a mattress or two in the store's items that are close to the size you need. Then contact the internet store's customer service to order the custom size. You will end up ordering a regular mattress in the non-traditional size, and also the web futon store can handle the custom sizing for you.

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